FREE under ACC

As part of our mission for accessibility in innovative and gold standard healthcare, we have adopted a FREE under ACC approach to make your recovery as easy as possible. We’ve set out to remove the barrier (and pressure!) of ‘co-payments’ that often limits and slows down recovery as patients aren’t able to come in as often as is optimum for their rehabilitation. We understand the massive toll and cost that injuries place on your life and believe that you should be able to access the best and comprehensive service by our expert practitioners absolutely FREE under ACC.
We have found that providing FREE treatment for ACC covered injuries allows patients to see through the full course of their treatment back to 100% of pre injury health. With our longer appointment times of up to 60 min we will get you back on the court, turf, field or whatever it may be that you love to do in your everyday life.

No referral from your doctor is needed, our friendly team will help you navigate the ACC system to insure the cover you are entitled to is received.

You won't even need to fill in any ACC paperwork as we are able to submit all of your information about your claim to ACC electronically.  

The services we are able provide you FREE under ACC are

- Physiotherapy ​

- Podiatry

- Acupuncture

- Bracing and orthotics from the knee down.


What is ACC and how is it free?

ACC is a government system that covers the cost of treatment related to injury. An injury is defined as a one off or acute repetitive event that has lead to the damage of tissue within the body or mental/psychological stress.

Examples of injuries that ACC would potentially cover are.

- ‘When i was walking down stairs, i tripped, twisted my knee and now have swelling and pain’

- ‘I was running off a curb, felt a sudden sharp pain in my Achilles.’

- ‘I was throwing a ball, overextended my arm and felt a tearing pain in my shoulder’

- ‘In a head-on car accident, got whiplash.’

The provider you book with at Physio Connect will be able to effectively educate you around your entitlements and ensure there is no confusion around the treatment and cost of your injury.



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